House Share London – the Do’s and Dont’s

Finding a room to rent is fairly easy because there are these online directories that you can use. You also save a lot of money by opting for house share London. But when you share a house or a room with someone there are some dos and don’ts that you have to take care of. Every room or house you rent has some rules and regulations and it is in your best interest to abide by them. And it’s not that you have to give up everything about you – these rules and regulations are easy to follow.

Let us first consider the dos when you rent a room.

You should ensure that the house or room that you occupy is clean and well maintained. It’s not that you need to spend money on painting the walls and such but basic cleanliness is something that you should focus on. Sometimes you may feel lazy to clean your house or room but believe me the joy of staying in clean accommodation is immense. And when you just occupy a room cleaning it is all that simpler.

When you share a room with someone find out their habits and their likes and dislikes. You don’t want to do something that your roomie is not comfortable with. At the same time you should also convey your likes and dislikes so that your roomie doesn’t unknowingly do something that you don’t like.

You need to pay you rent and other utility bills on time. Now let us look at the don’ts of house share London.

Very importantly – don’t misuse the amenities. There are people who keep lights on when they are not required. There are people who forget to turn off the taps – imagine the amount of water that gets wasted. Also imagine the amount one would need to pay for utilities if they choose to be careless.

One shouldn’t discriminate against fellow inhabitants. When you look for a room to rent and shortlist some of the properties you should find out all before you move in. If there is someone from some community you are not comfortable with look for another room or house. There is no need to create trouble later on.

Don’t create problems for the other inhabitants. When you opt for house share London you need to respect the privacy of others. Don’t spend unnecessary time in the bathroom or create nuisance by drinking and partying excessively. There is really no definition of excessive partying but you should respect their views if someone says that they are getting disturbed by the frequent parties that you host.

As you can see these dos and don’ts are not difficult to manage when you are into house share London. A room to rent is as good as its occupants. Manage your accommodation properly and you could stay on for months and years. You don’t want the landlord or landlady to pop in unannounced and see your room in total disarray. The eviction notice may follow soon.

There are dos and don’ts of house share London . Know about basic etiquette when you hire a room to rent and everyone will benefit.


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