What are the elements of classic Italian interior design?

Style and Italy go hand in hand. If one makes the list of top 100 stylist things or people in the world more than 50 would probably be Italian. Italian style is not limited to automobiles and haute couture only. Classic Italian interior design is as attractive as anything Italian. From Italian interior design bedroom to living room to the kids’ room to the kitchen to the bathroom – you can have the most stylish home when you decide to go Italian.

Italian design has been popular since the Renaissance days. It all started with those paintings and sculptures and suddenly Italian designs took over the whole world. Anyone who wanted something special would consider going the Italian way. And there is no difference when it comes to classic Italian interior design.

It is very difficult to explain what classic Italian interior design is all about. One has to consider the various stylists and their individual styles to identify classical Italian design for interiors. But there are some common features of Italian interiors that one cannot miss. The entire design is based on three points – balance, symmetry and order. This would mean that one side of the room would be a mirror image of the other side of the room. So an Italian interior design bedroom may have a bed in the centre of the room with two identical bedside tables on the sides.

Another feature of classic Italian interior design would include the use of a focal point – for example, Italian interior design bedroom in classical format will either have the bed as the focal point of the room or one could use a large fireplace as the focal point. This would obviously depend on the size of the bedroom. If the bedroom is large then the bed could be used as the focal point. Otherwise it could be the fireplace or a dresser or a chest.

Colours play an important role in classical Italian interior design. The typical colours could be the ones inspired by Mother Nature – on one hand one could use bright blues, greens and yellows and on the other hand the colours used could be muted ones like greys and terracotta. Not only the walls but the fabrics used in the bedroom and the other rooms would conform to these colour patterns. Use of velvet, cotton and canvas could be liberal because these are considered classical fabrics.

There is one point about classic Italian interior design – you can never go wrong as far as aesthetics are concerned. You would need an expert to give you the right ideas but for that you don’t need an interior decorator to visit your home. If you have an idea about Italian interior design bedroom or any other room in your home you can make the right choices. Use some of the tips given here or you could also find more information online. One thing is for certain – if you make the right choice you would have many that would envy your home.

An Italian interior design bedroom will always wow anyone. Opt for classic Italian interior design for bedrooms and your home will have a transformation.

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